Janhvi Kapoor Cycling On Mumbai Street.

Janhvi Kapoor Cycling

Janhvi Kapoor Cycling On Mumbai Street, It’s common for celebrities to travel in luxury cars. Bollywood actress Jahnavi Kapoor has been slick. Actress Jahnavi Kapoor and sister Khushi Kapoor have been spotted cycling on the streets of Mumbai.

When the cameramen came to capture the footage of Jahnavi Kapoor cycling, he said, “Please don’t do this. Actress Jahnavi Kapoor asked, “Give way.”

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Actress Jahnavi Kapoor was posing when the cameras were usually seen. However, Jahnavi Kapoor, who seemed a bit dizzy, didn’t pose while cycling. As the cameramen were not properly routed, Jahnavi Kapoor walked down the bicycle and into her apartment gate.

And, due to the lockdown restrictions in Mumbai, movie activities, including filming, are bundled. Thus, actress Jahnavi Kapoor is spending time with her family.

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