Kangana says pictures are from Nigeria

Kangana says pictures are from Nigeria


Sharing false information on social networking, posting hate, and inciting violence have become commonplace for actress Kangana. For the same reason, Kangana, who has lost her Twitter account, continues to post an old chill on Instagram.

Videos and pictures are floating everywhere in the river Ganga. This issue is being debated on a large scale. Where are the shorts coming from? The Uttar Pradesh government has set up a special investigation team to investigate who is disposing of it.

But actress Kangana said that the pictures and videos floating in the river Ganga in Nigeria are not in Nigeria. Kangana, who posted the video on Instagram, said: ‘Many are conspiring to make India poor. We are trying to humiliate India internationally. ”

‘It was later discovered that the image of a woman sitting on the road in the face of an oxygen mask rushed over, but it was not the time for Corona. Now the shingles are floating in the Ganges. But those pictures are from Nigeria, ‘says Kangana.

“Some Indians are screaming at the back of India. They are spreading such news that it is a shame for India. They should be taught first. It is mandatory for every Indian to work in the military like in Israel. We must abolish religions that claim to be in vain for the rest of our people, ”Kangana said.

It is a real event that the ladies are floating in the Ganges. There is a national-level debate on this. Sources from the Department of Home Affairs have reported that more than two thousand feces have been floated in just a week’s time. Most of these corpses are corona sick.


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